Hannah’s Pets

Now, we may have pet of the week singular but here is a person who has many, many pets. We talked to Hannah W from Carlisle about her wonderful pets and we also have some photos! 

How many pets do you have? 


What was your first pet? 

Can’t remember

Newest pet(s)? 

Eve & Louis the budgies

Which ones get on well together? 

All of them get on well

Are there any who don’t get along together? 


Which ones (if any) are allowed to sleep in your room? 

Budgies, Rat & Guinea Pig

Did you name all of them? 

Most of them

Who’s the oldest? 

Jack is the oldest (Dog)

Do any of them have any “odd” favourite treats?

My rat loves baby food

Do any of them have any “odd” quirks? 

I don’t think so

Thank you Hannah!

If you have any photos of your pets feel free to send them in with their names so we can share them 🙂


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