TV shows I’m Watching During Lockdown

  1. The Good Place – 12+
Michael and Eleanor, the protagonists of the sitcom.

This innovative and surprisingly philosophical new take on a sitcom is my favourite show of all time. Kristen Bell’s performance as Eleanor Shellstrop was award-winning and complimented by the amazing writing of Mike Schur (Brooklyn 99, The Office, Parks and Rec.).  The premise is simple enough: there’s a good place, and a bad place. Elanor’s life on Earth ensured her a spot in the bad place, or at least she thought so… Turned out she got took to the Good Place and now must try to improve her moral compass. Very light-hearted and so great to watch in lockdown.

Rating – 10/10

Status – Finished, 4 seasons, 53 episodes

2. Killing Eve – 15

Villianelle (Top), Eve (Bottom).

This BBC original follows Eve, Sandra Oh, trying to take on Villianelle, Jodie Comer, who is a psychopathic assassin. This is a psychological thriller series which sees two women protagonists fight one another in a constantly twisting and engaging plot. Great to watch in quarantine as it will fully take your mind off any worries. 

Rating – 10/10

Status – ongoing, 3 series, 21 episodes

3. Sherlock – 15

Holmes, and Watson.

This modern take on the classic Sherlock Holmes see 90-minute episodes which each take on a separate case. In its 4 seasons Cumberbatch managed to make a ‘high-functioning sociopath’ likeable. The last season is not as good as the ones prior but is still very enjoyable. Plenty of hours to binge during quarantine, if that’s your thing. 

Rating – 7/10

Status – Finished, 4 Seasons

I hope these series will keep you entertained during lockdown :).


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